In just two decades, brothers Dirk and Joris Verdoodt have transformed a company that began on 10 April 1998 with a single lorry into a strong family firm and partner for much larger clients. With Arne, Dirk’s son, joining the business as part of the day-to-day management team, the company is now fully prepared for future challenges. At TDV, a healthy combination of experience and fresh ideas creates the perfect dynamic.



Dirk’s grandfather Leon Verdoodt started providing transport for sawmills by horse and cart in 1903. After many years of transport experience, including the transport of coal and supplies for local authority roadworks, the family set up Leon Verdoodt & Zonen in 1970.

Leon’s grandson Dirk grew up in and around the lorry firm, and preferred travelling around in a lorry than riding his bike. He joined the firm in 1984, and in 1998 decided that the time was ripe to set up his own transport business. With a single lorry and a single loyal customer, Transport Dirk Verdoodt BVBA was born.

Two years later, Dirk’s brother Joris joined the company. With his technical expertise, Joris ensures that the fleet is kept in a tip-top state of repair.

In the following years, Transport Dirk Verdoodt grew in a very organic way, and finally moved from Opwijk to Dendermonde, where the company celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. More than twenty full-time, experienced drivers and a large, modern fleet of 21 lorries are at your service every day.


We are your reliable partner for every transport solution. Speed, punctuality, flexibility and reliability are our key values. Delivering your goods on time, undamaged, is the foundation of a sustainable customer relationship. We are happy to work with you, and are flexible and proactive. For us, clear communication is the cornerstone of a solid, long-term partnership.

We invest heavily in training, staff and equipment. We believe that a modern and well-maintained vehicle fleet is the basis for a solid transport company. The fewer problems there are with our lorries, the fewer delays there will be for your cargo, and the smaller the number of ‘empty’ kilometres there will be. That is good for you, good for us, and good for the environment. Today, a modern transport company must think sustainably.

Our drivers are our most valuable assets. We work in partnership with them in a relationship of trust and respect. Their safety and wellbeing are our key priorities. This means that we have a close-knit group of drivers who have been driving for us for many years and who share the same philosophy. Their priority is the service they provide to our customers. They act as the public face of both our own and our clients’ companies when they are out on the road.


Recently, Dirk’s son Arne joined Transport Dirk Verdoodt’s management team. He had built up several years’ experience as a team leader at Volvo Parts in Ghent, and felt the time was right to join the company’s ranks.

The combination of Dirk’s many years of experience with Arne’s fresh insights and Joris’ technical expertise all add up to a healthy and thriving business, ready to meet the challenges of the transport sector for many years to come.


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